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Strong Management of
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The Need: Strong Security

Web applications and data are increasingly coming under attack. Strong security controls are critical to protecting sensitive applications and data. Authentication and authorization are a key aspect of securing a web perimeter. Effective security also requires proper management of identities, security tokens like digital certificates, passwords, trust stores and keystores. These security resources, their relationships to each other, and their lifecycles (expirations) all need to be managed and monitored for reliable and secure operation. A solution that helps implement a strong and secure web perimeter while also helping to issue and manage the security tokens goes a long way in supporting the secure operation of a data center or cloud environment.

Solution: ManageSecure®

ManageSecure® is an integrated platform for strong perimeter security, management of security tokens, access control and digital certificate lifecycle management. Ideal for a data center or cloud infrastructure where many identities, security tokens and their relationships need to be managed. Our customers have used ManageSecure successfully for several years for its streamlined digital certificate issual and management features to support their secure messaging needs, and to store and manage their security tokens. ManageSecure has also been used successfully to implement strong (two-factor) authentication for web applications.

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We are experts in Internet security, secure B2B data exchange, web perimeter security, digital certificate infrastructures. BNETAL security expertise comes from decades of work in secure Operating Systems for the Department of Defense, sensitive disease data exchange infrastructures for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, highly sensitive personal clinical data exchange infrastructures for the Nationwide Health Information Network, and HIPAA administrative health payment data exchange related Operating Rules for the Council for Affordable Quality Healthcare. BNETAL solutions have been deployed in support of secure, interoperable and regulatory compliant and mission critical health data exchange projects nationwide.

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