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Digital Certificate
Issual and
Lifecycle Management

Role Based

Two Factor

Strong Management of Security Tokens

Strong Management of
Security Tokens

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The Need: Strong Security Resource Management

  • Strong security is critical to protecting sensitive applications and data
  • Security depends on proper management of identities, tokens and resources, their relationships and lifecycle
  • Enterprise solution to issue and manage identities and security resources while also enforcing a web security perimeter go a long way in supporting the secure operation of on-premise or cloud environments

Solution: ManageSecure®

  • Integrated platform for strong management of security resources and tokens, access control and digital certificate lifecycle management, perimeter security
  • Ideal for a data center or cloud infrastructure where many identities, security tokens must be managed
  • In production for several years for its digital certificate issual and management features and strong (two-factor) authentication for web applications

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  • Experts in Internet security, secure B2B data exchange, web perimeter security, digital certificate infrastructures
  • Long term engagements in sensitive disease data exchange infrastructures, cloud security and more
  • Solutions have been deployed in support of secure, interoperable and regulatory compliant and mission critical health data exchange projects nationwide

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