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SureDeliver® for secure, reliable and interoperable data transport in healthcare, health insurance public health, pharmacy and other domains where data is sensitive in nature. It is designed to be used as a message transport gateway between organizations, such that it can send and receive messages reliably and securely over the Internet. This gateway is a turn-key solution many health-IT interoperability standards including CAQH CORE Connectivity, which is mandated for HIPAA covered entities such as health plans

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SureDeliver® PD is an add-on module to SureDeliver® for the purpose of remotely querying Healthcare Provider Directories using interoperability standards. The provider information can be used in secure messaging and in business workflows such as transitions of care. In addition to being an add-on module to SureDeliver, this module can also be used in a stand-alone basis or as part of other solutions such as EMR or EHR products, Practice Management Systems, Health Information Exchanges (HIE), Health Information Service Providers (HISP) etc.

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SureVigil® for continuous remote monitoring, alerting and reporting of health data exchanges, web-servers and web-services for uptime and performance. SureVigil is built on the SureDeliver interoperability platform and supports all the health data exchange standards supported by SureDeliver. It can be used to monitor SureDeliver for reliable operation, or monitor other gateway products that implement the same interoperability standards as SureDeliver. It can also be ud to monitor web-servers using standard HTTP protocol (i.e., without additional envelope or security standards). Helps organizations meet the regulatory requirements for uptime and performance (e.g., Affordable Care Act). Improves reliability by identifying performance trends over extended periods of time, or during specific time intervals or business scenarios.

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