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Strong Management of
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ManageSecure® Executive Summary

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    ManageSecure® is a fully integrated security software that:
    • Secures your enterprise web applications from unauthorized access. ManageSecure provides a uniform and strong security perimeter around all web resources in your enterprise.
    • Makes enterprise networks and services more reliable. Enables secure storage and automatic monitoring of various security resources that are critical to the health of an enterprise network, reduces errors and downtime, hence making networks more reliable.
    • Improves operational efficiency and security. By providing strong security resource management and monitoring features, ManageSecure makes day to day administration of systems more secure and efficient.
    • Reduces operational cost. By strengthening security and improving security administration, and by providing automatic monitoring of servers, certificates and other resources, it saves time and resources that would otherwise be expended in resolving error conditions.
    • Reduces integration cost. By providing an integrated suite for enterprise security, it reduces the need for costly integration of various components and services needed for implementing a strong security perimeter.
    • Improves User Experience. End users benefit from the use of ManageSecure's single sign-on feature, since now, they don't need to remember multiple passwords to the various web applications on your network.
    ManageSecure® is developed and marketed by Business Networks International Inc (BNETAL) a 100% US-Owned Company; not a subsidiary. Export control restrictions may apply to licensing of ManageSecure®.

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