BNETAL ManageSecure: Enterprise Security

Digital Certificate
Issual and
Lifecycle Management

Role Based

Two Factor

Strong Management of Security Tokens

Strong Management of
Security Tokens

BNETAL: Trusted Advisors on
National Health IT
and Security Projects

Customer Focused
Responsive Service

Hands on Approach to
Solving Challenges

Satisfied Customers,
Repeat Business

ManageSecure® Financial Benefits

Drastically lowers Integration Costs:
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Building a strong security perimeter can involve costly integration of several disparate products. This typically requires very highly skilled IT resources, driving up the cost. The pre-integrated software product ManageSecure® drastically reduces the cost of implementing security around your web resources.

Drastically lowers Operational Costs:
Administrators are under-equipped for their level of responsibility in an ever complex and unsecure Internet and web service world. Their challenges in properly managing their security resources can have significant bottomline impact for your organization in appropriately managing risks and security resources. Ad hoc management of security resources can lead to inefficiencies and result in poor security for the organization. By providing management tools for security resources, ManageSecure® streamlines security resource management, makes data center operations more secure and efficient, and reduces the operational costs.

Significantly lowers Network Failures:
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Network failures have bottomline impact well beyond time to debug and correct. Bigger impact is often on larger organizational productivity and often, also in loss of current and prospective customers. ManageSecure® provides strong Administrators console features to and monitor and manage network services and resources; its use reduces network failures, and in some cases, prevents network failures from happening by producing proactive alert messages.

Improved User Experience Translates to Higher Customer Satisfaction:
Web users find single sign-on systems easier to use (since they do not need to remember multiple passwords) and have a better experience, and higher customer satisfactions. This contributes to the bottom line with reduced frustrations, and increase in productivity and workplace satisfaction.

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