ManageSecure® is an integrated software product that provides several critical components of a web security infrastructure:

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  • Protects your Sensitive Information on the Web using Strong User Authentication:
    • Strong authentication, combining Strength of Digital Certificates with Simplicity of Passwords
    • Allows integration with Active Directory, LDAP, Kerberos
    • Highly flexible policies enable different rules for authentication
  • Enables Cost Effective User, Server or Issuer Certificate Issual and Management:
    • Built-in full featured Certificate Authority
    • CA is fully integrated with identity management framework
    • Certificate Authority that can work stand-alone or with external CAs
    • Workflows for certificate life-cycle are built-in and customizable
    • Certificate Revocation List management
    • Certificate publication to LDAP directory for certificate discovery
    • Strong monitoring and alerting features make error handling more proactive
  • Simplifies User Identity Management:
    • Full lifecycle support: enrollment, approval, provisioning and de-provisioning
    • Fully integrated with digital certificate issual and management for strong authentication support
  • Empowers you to Enforce Flexible and Policy Driven User Access Control:
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    • Strong, Highly Flexible, Policy driven Access Control (Role / Domain / Rule based)
    • Fully integrated with identity management and credentialing
  • Improves and Streamlines your Security Resource Management and Monitoring:
    • Maintains and monitors security resources and relationships between such resources
    • Monitors for impending error conditions and notifies administrators
    • Monitors files or folders for modification
    • Periodic reporting features
  • Highly Simplifies Security, without Compromising Security and Robustness:
    • Wizard based Installation
    • Supports multiple platforms (Windows, Linux, Solaris)
    • Web Access Control layer is supported on multiple commercial web-servers
    • Policy database can be implemented on most commercial databases
    • Maintains strong audit trail

Key Benefits
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  • Secures your enterprise web applications from unauthorized access.
  • Allows your network administrators to centrally monitor secure web-services and servers for uptime and proper operations.
  • Gives you control over web users and the resources they access.
  • Drastically lowers cost of issuing and managing a digital certificate based access control infrastructure by reducing certificate generation, management and revocation costs.
  • Saves you time and money by reducing complexity of managing security resources.
  • Reduces application complexity by providing a uniform and standards based security layer.
  • Reduces burden on users by making web applications accessible via a single sign-on.
  • Standards based framework to define trust relationships with business partners to permit controlled access to resources on your network.
  • Standards based and extensible, making this product pluggable into your security infrastructure with minimum intrusion.
  • Low learning curve since most operations can be handled through Graphical Administrative Interface.
  • Platform independent Management Client and SAML compliant Access Control Server, allowing you to run on the platform of your choice.
  • Experienced security team to support the product.

Additional Information
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